CHEZACARB® AC is used in a wide range of composite materials where it is necessary to achieve conductive or antistatic parameters of the final product. CHEZACARB® AC brings electroconductive solutions for plastics, rubber and coating in numerous applications.


Sorbent CHEZACARB® AC95 is characterized by:

  • High specific surface area, above 1000 m2/g with high capacity and efficiency in the removal of PCDD/F and PCB.
  • High porosity, more than 3.5 cm3/g. This accelerates the transport of PCDD/F and PCB from the combustion products on the active surface where they are captured. 
  • Small size of basic particles of approximately 20 nm able to cluster (agglomerate) around contaminants binding them irreversibly.
  • Small size of particles which enables creation of approximately 2 mil particles in 1 m3 of combustion products, thereby forming a perfect homogenization environment of sorbent in the entire volume. This results in high efficiency and removal of PCDD/F and PCB in an extremely short time.
  • Surface embedded with a certain amount of colloidal sulfur that enables capturing heavy metals containing trace amounts of oxidation catalyst.

Thanks to these excellent structural properties it is particularly suitable for:

  • Liquidation of oil accidents
  • Capture of gaseous pollutants
  • Cleaning of process equipment and piping
  • Semi-solid waste disposal of old environmental burdens
  • Cleaning of contaminated water